The Next Evolution Of Fire Has Arrived

An evolution to the traditional fire pit. Each of our units comes with a unique Sound-Reactive Fire experience. Stream music through the integrated sound system and watch as the fire takes on the energy of the music. With Multi-Sync, multiple units can be synced together creating an incredible experience never before seen in a residential setting. All of this and more controlled straight from your Bluetooth phone, smart watch, laptop and more.

Innovative Design, Incredible Features –

Sound Reactive Fire is just the beginning. We set out to make the best User Experience possible with our systems. Below are just a few of the features included with every Music City Fire Sound Reactive Fire System.

Smart Device Ready – Bluetooth

Easily syncs to your smart phone, laptop, smart watch, tablet and more using bluetooth. Services like Siri work like a charm making the experience seamless.


With the addition of wifi, through your home routing system you can seamlessly sync multiple units creating an experience never before realized in a home environment.

Adjustable Flame Height

Multiple flame height settings available with the touch of the touch panel display or the app. You can personalize your minimum flame heights, the reaction settings and so much more.

LED Lighting System

Every Music City Fire Unit whether an All-in-One unit or a Pro Series unit comes with the ability to connect a LED lighting system. Solid, Flashing, Pulse and even Sound Reactive modes are available along with multiple colors.

2.1 Channel Integrated Sound

Our systems come standard with a 2.1 channel integrated amp, aux in and aux out, weather resistant speakers and more.


A thermocoulpled automatic ignitation system. Select the mode you want and the system will auto-ignite. Should the flame go out for any reason, the system instantly detects and re-ignites. Incredibly convienent and adds an additional level of safety.


The centerpiece to your yard – combining entertainment, music, and technology – Modes allow you to take full control of your fire system. From a Sound Reactive Fire to an Outdoor Music Stero, a refreshing evolution to the traditional fire pit


Sound Reactive

What we have become known for – Our Sound Reactive Fire Mode. This mode features our special dancing flame along with music streaming from a smart device.


Fire & Music

For the quiet and relaxing times, a dancing flame maybe a little too much. In this mode, the fire acts as a traditional flame with height adjustments while still utilizing the Bluetooth connectivity to stream music. Music and Fire without the reaction.


Music Only

Fires are great – except on hot afternoons in the middle of July. With our systems, the Bluetooth and sound features can be utilized separately from the fire. Connect up, hit play and let the music do the rest.


Fire Only

We get it – Sometimes only a normal Traditional flame is needed. We have that too! In our Fire Only mode, its just a traditional flame with the adjustable flame height feature.


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24″ Hue

36″ Hue